What is Cognitive Anchoring?

You need a nutshell description of Cognitive Anchoring and what it means to you, and I’m here to give it!

Cognitive Anchoring is:

  • the thing that happens when you knit, doodle, crochet—or do something automatic with your hands—when you’re listening to something like in a meeting or on a conference call or while sitting on a jury;
  • what your brain needs in order to keep your body from fidgeting;
  • what more ADD and ADHD kids need to leverage in order to pay attention better in class;
  • a good idea if you want to remember more of what you hear—29% more!

Think that’s crazy talk?

Think your doodling buddies aren’t paying attention to you when a pen is in their hands?

Think that knitter in your staff meeting* is being so rude as to sit there, blatantly knitting in front of everyone!?

Or are YOU that knitter, doodler, crocheter—
living in shame, hiding your knitting under the conference room table,
desperately trying to avoid scornful looks?

Find out the science behind the many benefits of Cognitive Anchoring and discover just how much your brain needs it (especially if you’re just a wee bit ADD) by beginning at the beginning of the story.


Upcoming appearances are:

  • …being finalized for Fall venues.

Cognitive Anchoring in Print

Cognitive Anchoring, the book, is underway! If you’d like to be alerted when it’s available, please add your email here!

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  1. Oh man, I’m so glad you are writing a book about this! I’ve been preaching what I call repetitive activity (I like cognitive anchoring better) to my students and clients (I’m a writing teacher/coach) for years. So cool! And so glad I found you.


  1. Episode 6 Staying Awake | Teaching Your Brain to Knit - […] Ordover who has the Craftlit Podcast is writing a book on Cognitive Anchoring which explores the same […]

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