Chapter 4.1—Top 5 Ways to Pay Attention in Dull Meetings

Today, we’ll wrap things up for a short while (while I do more research I just discovered—score!) and sum-up what we’ve found so far.

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In the last twelve months there’s been an enormous amount of research released on doodling and mindfulness and before that (2003) Dr. Benson directly linked mindfulness and knitting* (1) and in 2010 Jackie Andrade released her doodling study (2). Even more studies are being released now–once again, we’re in a zeitgeist (reliving CraftLit).

I wanted to take a couple of weeks to review the new research, then come back and add to this site. I have a couple of speaking engagements coming up on this topic (email if you want me to come speak at your school or guild or shop) and want to be sure to fold this new data in before it gets cold.

In the meantime, however, I thought we should have a quick-and-dirty list of what to tell people when they accuse you of not paying attention when you knit or crochet or doodle at meetings, on calls, or when in a group where lots of people are talking.

Top Five Ways to Pay Attention in Dull Meetings

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