Chapter 1.1—It Mattered Before

Sometime after 9/11 and our experiences at my high school, I started to hear rumblings from school counselors, therapists, occupational therapists, and—when I moved to Tucson, AZ—nurses.*  The rumblings I heard went like this: oh, we used to teach that stuff, but that went out of vogue in the 80s.

Le sigh…

Of course, these rumblings were only coming from professionals *of a certain age* (ahem) and that, sadly, seemed to translate to: no one listens to them any more.

Which is a shame—because they know what you know.

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Chapter 1.2—It Still Matters

I hear knitters and non-knitters alike like saying lots of things about knitting—ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous:

Russell Crowe knitting humor

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