Giving Your Mind What It Needs

Do you doodle?



Do you know these things help you concentrate on what you’re hearing?

And do you wish you could do those things in meetings or when sitting with friends without facing the ire of your boss or snarky comments about how you never pay attention?

You’ve come to the right place. This blog will tune you in to the latest research proving once and for all that your brain—your wonderful, interesting, creative, fast-moving brain—works better when your hands are doing something automatic (like knitting, doodling, or crocheting).

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Want to know a little more, first?

Well, for starters—you might wonder what is Cognitive Anchoring?

It’s what your brain needs in order to attend to phone calls, conference calls, or on-the-dull-side meetings.

Cognitive Anchoring can take the form of:




Or anything you can do with your hands—without looking—anything automatic.

Ready to start learning how cool your brain is — and how to give it what it needs?

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